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Exhibition plan > concrete、tunnel
Show time: 17-19 December, 2024
Venue: Moscow Expo Centre
Exhibition period: Every Year
Organizer: ALITinform
Show Description:  

Cement, Concrete and Dry Mix Mortar Russia is a highly specialised exhibition within the construction industry. Every year, manufacturers of equipment for the production of cement, concrete, reinforced concrete products, building mixes, additives and precast plants gather at this exhibition. The exhibition is supported by the best business programmes in Europe and also acquires presentations from foreign experts in the construction industry from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In such an environment, the realisation of direct face-to-face communication with your customers will be of far-reaching significance for market development. This provides you with a broad platform to meet old customers, meet new customers and communicate with peers. At that time, the exhibition organisers also arranged a variety of activities and highly professional lectures and forums seminars, our company will be for each exhibitor to fight for a free to participate in the meeting of the quota. So that you can communicate with the industry professionals in close proximity.

Market Analysis:  

Russia's trade with China will reach $200bn by the end of this year, up by a third from 2022. At the end of last year, Russian-Chinese trade increased by 29.3 per cent to a record level of about $191 billion. The Russian and Chinese presidents had previously planned to double trade between the two countries from $100bn a year in 2018 to $200bn in 2024.

Russia has a huge demographic dividend as the ninth most populous country in the world. Located at the junction of Asia and Europe, Russia has a unique geographic advantage, which makes it an important hub between Europe and Asia, which is conducive to the development of logistics and trade in Russia, and also provides great potential for the development of the Russian economy. China is an important partner of Russia, and China and Russia have extensive cooperation in the fields of energy and infrastructure construction. Sino-Russian co-operation not only provides market and investment for Russia, but also energy and raw materials for China. The complementary nature of the economies of China and Russia will further promote the development of the Russian economy.


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